Hosts bagged and ready to be shipped off to our customers

Altar Bread Distribution

We distribute unleavened wheat altar breads (hosts) to churches for use in the celebration of Eucharist (Mass).

Altar breads are available in various sizes in white or whole wheat.
The fabrication of the bread for the Eucharist is a ministry that has been entrusted to the consecrated women of the Church since the earliest times. Many communities of contemplative women throughout the world continue to bake Eucharistic bread. This ministry, which they lovingly fulfill, at the same time provides them with a means of support.

The Benedictine Sisters of Clyde have developed the fabrication of altar bread on a large scale and invited other communities who could not invest as much time and capital in this task to share in their undertaking. They provide the breads in bulk while we sort, package and ship them.

We would suggest you order from a local community if there is one in your Diocese who supplies altar bread. If you choose to order from us you will be helping to support the work of prayer to two contemplative communities.

To see descriptions of what we have available and/or to order, please see the form below. We do not accept payment on this website; we will send you an invoice with your shipment.

We ship to the U.S. and Canada only. Canadian customers: if you have questions about prices, please contact us directly at our e-mail.

To Place an Altar Bread Order

We have taken our form off of our website.  If  you would like to place an order through us, please either call or e-mail us.  You will find a list of all our products and prices below.

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Altar Bread Products

(W= White hosts; WW= Whole Wheat hosts)

Breads Made by the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

People's Breads                             per bag

118W (500)                                       $5.40

138W (250)                                       $4.25

138W (1000)                                     $16.30

138WW (250)                                   $4.65

138WW (1000)                                 $18.00

112W (500)                                        $8.70

112WW (500)                                    $9.20

Presider Breads                            per bag

212W (50)                                          $4.60

212WW (50)                                      $4.80

434W (10)                                          $4.80

434WW (10)                                      $5.00

512W (10)                                           $5.00

512WW (10)                                       $5.20

OCO Breads with Sealed Edges

People's Breads                             per box

OCO118W (1000)                             $10.80

OCO138W (1000)                             $16.30

OCO138WW (1000)                         $18.00

OCO112WW*(1000)                         $25.00

The above OCO breads come in rolled units of 100.

Presider Breads

OCO234W (50)                                  $4.60

OCO234WW (50)                              $4.80

*Eucharistic Series in 4 Distinctive Designs.

Handling: $1.50 per box shipped (not per bag or per order).


Orders under 5 lb. in weight are shipped by U.S. Priority Mail. Orders over 5 lb. are shipped by UPS Ground. 


We will include the shipping and handling costs in your invoice.


 Shipping Cycle for Standing Orders: Please specify frequency (every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, etc.)