June 2019 Abbey News

June 4, 2019

Photos from Mother Hildegard's Abbatial Blessing in Germany

After sorting through all the pictures from their trip to Germany to attend Mother Hildegard’s Abbatial Blessing as 60th Abbess of Abtei St. Walburg in Eichstätt, Sr. Ancilla and Sr. Maria Walburga produced some beautiful images to share with us.


sunrise.JPG   flag.JPG

Abtei St. Walburg with a flag flying from the steeple to honor Mother Hildegard’s Blessing Day


walb_and_lamb_2.JPG   nun_church.jpg

The interior of the main St. Walburg church, including the painting of St. Walburga and the Lamb of God, and a view of the Sisters' chapel (located at the rear of the main St. Walburg church on the choir loft level)


blessing_1.jpg   gathering.JPG

procession_2.jpg   MH_fuzzy_statio.jpg

Photos from the Blessing Day


Mother Hildegard holding her abbatial crozier, which belonged to Mother Augustina, a German native and the first superior of our community in Boulder, Colorado, who was later elected Abbess of Eichstätt and returned to Germany